Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Cloud-First approach has been transforming how businesses work. Taking the business applications like Dynamics AX and GP to the cloud has made it within reach of every other consumer. With the customizations now available to a larger degree it has been easier to mold the solutions to their own needs for organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning includes among others Project Management, Finance and Operations, and Production. With a single solution and data at its core, Microsoft guarantees that data is centralized and stays interconnected and updated.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains has now been branded as Dynamics 365 Finance. With all the functionality of Dynamics GP and more, Finance and Operations have now the added advantage of being on the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

With the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations, Microsoft has now transformed from AX into a complete hub that looks after every requirement that an organization requires to run its operation smoothly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With the launch of Dynamics Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft has brought about a complete transformation in the customer services industry.
With all the customer queries, support, and feedbacks compiled in one data source it moves forward with the integration and sharing of data seamless and easy. Also making it real-time updated.