Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that offers comprehensive business intelligence capabilities that meet the needs and skillsets of everyone across your organization. From business end users who need easy-to-understand data visualizations to make smart decisions, to business analysts looking for robust tools to customize their reports, to IT personnel in charge of ensuring the organization’s BI tools and data are secure, connected, and cohesive.

With a modern BI solution from Maison you can instill a data culture by empowering people across your organization to uncover actionable insights and quickly find answers needed to drive business results.

Power Bi

Get Started Quickly

Leverage complete, out-of-the-box content packs to connect with SaaS applications. For example, a Power BI user can connect to their Google analytics to get a curated collection of data that is always up-to-date.

360-Degree Views of Business

Create a consolidated and holistic view of business with live, interactive dashboards and reports showing visualizations and analytics comparing on-premises historical data with real-time cloud-born data.

Natural Language Interface

No need to learn complex query languages – Power BI permits users to simply ask questions of their data. As the question is typed, visualizations appear that are successively refined.

Familiar Tools

Enable business users to leverage a common productivity experience with Power BI’s ability to seamlessly connect to Excel and Office 365.

Powerful Analysis

Perform ad-hoc analysis that blends structured and unstructured data in familiar spreadsheets with Excel. The Power BI Desktop allows for drag-and-drop data exploration and interactive reporting on a free-form canvas.

Visualize Data Your Way

Use Maison’s open sourced Power BI visualization framework to incorporate complete custom visualizations in Power BI and Power BI Desktop.

Security and Compliance

Make data and information available to the right people with IT-managed, centralized permissions for datasets, data models, and reports.

Scale to Meet Business Needs

Extend a highly available business intelligence solution to thousands of business users with confidence as data storage, analysis, and reporting needs grow over time.

Build User Friendly Reports

Easily create precisely formatted and paginated reports that users can access on a web portal, on a SharePoint site, or from a Power BUI dashboard. In SQL Server 2016, mobile reports can be easily created using a drag-and-drop experience and accessed in the Reporting Services web portal or in Power BI apps.

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