The well-stocked shelves at the grocery store stay well-stocked is the primary objective Supply Chain Management.Supply chain management is the systematic coordination of all of the processes involved in making a product and getting it into a market for consumers to purchase. Companies are increasingly are becoming aware that their opportunity to having a competitive edge in business can come through supply chain. In the case of companies operating on global scale, supply chain strategies drive operational efficiencies and affect the bottom line. Unlike technology or other core areas affecting business, Supply chain is always in a dynamic mode. Project managers who head supply chain projects are often faced with lot of challenges and issues to overcome all through the project.
Maison’s experience offers knowledge of business process to manage supply chain and multisite functions to allow you to scale your business quickly. Distribution-specific capabilities include:
  1. Warehouse management
  2. Sales order management
  3. Product information management
  4. Procurement and sourcing
  5. Supply chain planning

New distribution channels continue to grow, while existing channels expand with new approaches, such as global sourcing, cross-sell capabilities, third-party logistics and radio frequency identification (RFID). Distributors are also faced with more competition and higher customer service expectations.Distribution companies have to implement more advanced management solutions to cope with these Changes. Maison deliver solutions that distributors need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management.Maison domain experts will help implement processes that will pull you ahead of the competition. With our consultants expertise you get streamlined operations, a better handle on your inventory and you gai critical business insights to help you make better decisions.
Inventory control is a direct link to increased profitability. By reducing customer walkouts, additional sales are captured and customer satisfaction improves. With a solutions recommended by Maison, inventory can be moved through all distribution channels, protecting margins and maximizing sell-thru. The system enables supply chain excellence, from the front office through the warehouse.
Companies can gain control over customer’s service levels, warehousing costs and order turnaround time. With functionality such as order processing, sales analysis, customer service, handheld devices integration, and portals, customer relationship management, warehouse logistics, supply chain integration, and strategic business intelligence.

“I can confirm that it’s really important to Maison that they don’t leave until they’ve ensured that we’re getting the value that we need to out of the implementation”

Sunil Motwani,

CEO, Marketing Minds.




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