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Managing your HR responsibilities can be challenging. Microsoft Human Resource software can help simplify, streamline, and automate countless HR-related tasks and processes, such as personnel tracking, processing payroll, benefits management, recruiting, onboarding, employee lifecycle performance reporting, and much more.

Maison Consulting has mastered the art of implementing Microsoft dynamics for human resources for businesses like yours to help you accelerate your recruitment process, enhance employee engagement practices, and improve organizational agility.

Streamline Recruiting Processes

This Microsoft HR software revolutionizes the way you select and onboard talent. It simplifies multiple recruitment and onboarding tasks, including job posting, candidate tracking, and interview scheduling, helping revamp your recruitment strategy and enabling you to hire the right candidate.

Automate Employee Lifecycle

Dynamics for HR automates every stage of an employee's journey, from onboarding to offboarding, reducing the workload of your administrative staff and making it more efficient. The platform also ensures HR policy and regulation compliance, keeping your workforce engaged and satisfied.

Simplify Employee Performance Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources enables you to track and evaluate employee performance, such as working hours, sick leaves, reimbursements, vacation days, etc. Reporting and analytics tools allow you to assess how much value an employee offers to your business.

Seamless Payroll & Benefits Management

Dynamics for HR integrates payroll and benefits processes, offering comprehensive management support. The solution helps speed up payroll processing by automating calculations and tax compliance while also efficiently managing employee benefit plans. It helps minimize administrative errors and optimize HR operations.

Fast Track Responsibilities with Microsoft Dynamics For Human Resources

You need to become more resilient and agile in today’s fast-paced world. We can help you in Automating HR processes to save time and resources while providing your employees with accurate information about salary, benefits, etc.

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Harness the Power of Microsoft HR Software

Maison Consulting has decades of experience providing comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics HR services to companies of all sizes. Our solutions ensure connected processes to help you manage end-to-end HR responsibilities.

We design and implement custom HR systems that streamline and automate operations. Our goal is to create a transparent, cohesive work environment that enhances your office culture and promotes the growth of your business. Here’s how we can help you.


The goal is to streamline and optimize your current HR system. Our implementation team has the technical proficiency to provide thorough Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation services to ensure smooth deployment and seamless utilization.

Upgrade & Migration

Our skilled team can help upgrade your organization's existing human resources infrastructure by migrating to the latest version of the Dynamics HR software, promising a smooth transition with minimal administrative disruption.

Support & Maintenance

We can help train your HR staff to adapt to the new system smoothly. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to help address any issues, system modifications, etc., you may encounter post implementation.


We understand that a successful HR system improves efficiency, accuracy, and overall workforce management. Our team begins by assessing your needs and current HR system configuration before designing a structured approach suitable for your business.  


We tailor Dynamics for HR solutions that align with an organization’s goals and processes. With years of experience using the platform, we’re experts at developing an HR system with custom functionalities for your business.


To drive smoother HR practices, we ensure seamless connectivity and integration with other Microsoft products and third-party apps. That means all your data remains accurate and up-to-date, boosting efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.


We evaluate your current HR system to assess whether or not it’s performing optimally and its effectiveness in meeting your objectives. We also examine the system's setup, data accuracy, and compliance with HR regulatory requirements.


We can generate comprehensive reports and dashboards using your human resource data available in real-time. This enables you to stay up to date about your employees and make well-informed HR-related decisions quickly.

Let’s Bring Excellence Into Your Workplace

By successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, we can transform your HR department, increasing organizational agility while offering employees easy access to relevant data.

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What Customers Value About Our Services

"We found a team of Maison Consulting to be very proficient, knowledgeable and their problem-solving attitude started to a successful implementation of this project that became high stakes."

Recognized with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Dr. Amjad Saqib, Executive, Akhuwat, Lahore, Pakistan

“Implementing an ERP can be a difficult process with many associated risks. Maison’s team helped us to address the risks and positioned us for a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in a challenging environment”.

Stefan Goetz
Head of Finance & Control Middle East Linde-SIGAS

“We chose Maison Consulting as our ERP Implementation partner based on their past experience, depth of knowledge and commitment towards closure orientation”.

Debraj Bhanja,Finance Manager
Pan Gulf Valve Manufacturing.

“We’re glad to choose Maison Consulting to Implement the ERP System Microsoft Dynamics Layoff 2012. Maison performed a thorough analysis of our processes and asked for objects and delivered those as promised. Honda Center has gone through a complete restructuring process due to this ERP perpetration, which was well executed by Team Maison. This has allowed us to increase the productivity of workers, offer better client services, gain better business intelligence in real-time, and find inefficiencies in the system. I would recommend this to all commercial and SME’s, in order to identify the retired values in their businesses”

Hassan Raza- Director-
Honda Center, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

“We chose Maison after gaining confidence on their expertise to implement financial and operational control in our private aviation services.”

Abdul Wahab,
Director Support Services, Arabasco Aviation.

“Using Maison’s CRM Banking Vertical, employees can identify the bank’s most profitable customers and implement effective retention strategies such as building a better understanding of their portfolios”

Sufian Saeed – Project Manager,
Remote Banking Division, KASB Bank

“Maison amazed us with in budget, in time delivery of the solution across the whole province. Frankly I was worried about training as we are a government organization, but Maison experts not only made it simple, but their hand holding attitude was the key to success”

Dr. Javaid Ghani, Chairman,
Punjab Information Technology Board, Government of Punjab.

We found the team of Maison Consulting to be very proficient,knowledgeable and their problem solving attitude led to a successful implementation of this project that had very high stakes

Dr. Amjad Saqib – Executive Director – Akhuwat, Pakistan

“We are privileged to recommend Maison as ERP partner.We have worked with Maison throughout the entire ERP implementation process. For our company it was important not only document our process, but also improve our process, prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. During the implementation Maison Consultants conducted extensive sessions with our team to ensure we captured all of our key requirements. We are most impressed with Maison’s flexibility in adapting End Users specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us. We highly recommend Maison as a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.”

Asghar Ali – Finance Manager
Ali Zaid Qurashi Holding Company

Upscale Your Processes With Maison’s Dynamics 365 Human Resources Solution in the UAE

At Maison Consulting, we have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to create a customized, integrated solution that empowers your HR department. We’ve successfully deployed countless scalable employee management solutions for businesses across various industries right here in the UAE.

The Microsoft HR software we develop for your organization will help unify all the employee data onto one platform, such as benefits, compensations, leaves, fringe benefits, etc. This not only improves transparency and communication between HR personnel and employees, but it also enhances employee experiences. It’s time to transform your HR management strategies with IT solutions that unite every individual towards a common goal – success.

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Answers to Your Questions

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources?

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources is a comprehensive software that facilitates employee management. This modern HR solution enables businesses to recruit the right talent, fast-track onboarding, communicate seamlessly with employees, monitor performance, manage employee benefits, and other HR responsibilities. Additionally, it ensures businesses maintain security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

How can my organization benefit from D365 Human Resources implementation?

D365 HR is a robust tool with powerful features and capabilities that can help streamline and automate countless HR responsibilities, such as employee recruitment, hiring, performance & appraisals, termination, payroll processes, compensation models, attendance tracking, benefits management, taxes, etc. Above all, it has the potential to optimize current processes and drive profitability.

What makes Dynamics 365 HR services from Maison Consulting special?

As certified Dynamics 365 Human Resources consultants in UAE, we possess the skills and experience to offer the services you need to strive in the competitive landscape. We excel at developing an HR custom solution and integrating it with other systems and tools you currently utilize to build a unified IT ecosystem.

What organizations can benefit from Dynamics 365 for Human Resources?

Companies of all sizes across numerous industries can benefit from Dynamics 365 for Human Resources, from small businesses to large multinational organizations. The platform centralizes, streamlines, and automates HR functions, making it a valuable asset for firms looking for ways to improve HR operations and employee services across the board.

How can D365 HR assist in recruitment and talent acquisition?

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources helps in both arenas with features that facilitate the management of tasks, such as posting job vacancies, tracking applications, automating the hiring process, streamlining onboarding, scheduling interviews, and much more. All in all, the platform ensures efficient recruitment, enhancing the experience for HR professionals and applicants.