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Streamline Business Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

If you want to pamper your customers, you will have to create exceptional, insightful shopping experiences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can help you do that and more. As an end-to-end omni-channel commerce solution, it compiles all your data into one central platform so you can provide unified experiences across all devices and locations.

Besides this, Microsoft Dynamics Commerce allows you to maintain a modern digital storefront, online and offline. With its intelligent tools, you can manage your assets, improve supply chain practices, optimize operations, minimize costs, drive efficiency, and maximize revenue.

As your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner, we know how to strengthen your brand and keep your customers satisfied.

Boost Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce centralizes customer data and interactions from various channels, offering you a 360° view of customers and enabling you to personalize experiences, offer targeted promotions, provide relevant product recommendations, etc. Customers receive a consistent, seamless experience - online or offline.

Streamline Business Management

The platform integrates, streamlines, and automates various commerce operations, such as point of sale, inventory management, order fulfillment, ecommerce, customer service, etc., into one cohesive system. It eliminates data silos, unifies operations, fosters collaboration, and improves efficiency across departments.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Commerce supports omnichannel retailing so you can engage with customers across multiple channels, including online stores, physical stores, call center, etc. The unified view of interactions and transactions allows smooth transition between channels and an interconnected customer journey.

Smarter Decisions

Robust analytics and reporting tools allow you to make data-driven decisions to identify trends, optimize operations, and forecast demand. The comprehensive insights about different aspects of your business, such as sales performance, customer behavior, inventory management, etc., help you enhance business performance.

Improve Digital Customer Experiences with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce can help you engage better with your target audience, automate back-office operations, and take your business to greater heights. It’s time to optimize your store and maximize revenue.

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Revamp Your Business with Our Microsoft Commerce Solution in the UAE

As a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce consultant based in UAE, we have the experience and technical knowledge to help you survive and thrive in the competitive commercial landscape. Our cloud-based solutions and comprehensive services empower businesses of all sizes across various industries to manage processes and satisfy customers.

Collaborate with us to develop a modern workplace and stay a step ahead of your competition in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Here’s how we can help.


We can digitally transform your store with our D365 commerce implementation services. Our experts specialize in recommending and implementing seamless, innovative solutions that simplify internal processes and modernize customer experiences.

Upgrade & Migration

As a strategic Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce partner, we replace outdated legacy systems with the latest version of the platform. We are committed to optimizing your migration journey by leveraging its advanced capabilities.

Support & Maintenance

Our solution offers comprehensive on-going support even after the system is installed. We also monitor the system's performance, train your users, troubleshoot issues, and provide regular maintenance to ensure our solution functions smoothly.


Our Commerce consultants can craft an efficient, agile tech environment for your business. We assess your needs and devise a strategy that eradicates your pain points, optimizes customer experience, and streamlines back-office processes.


We implement custom scalable solutions for your individual business to ensure you derive maximum value from the upgraded system. We research your target audience to create the best customer digital experiences.


Successful integration ensures successful functionality. For this, our integration experts ensure smooth and efficient data flow, promising seamless connectivity into the Dynamics 365 environment and other third-party apps.


We comprehensively review your current Commerce solutions, assessing aspects such as visual interface, user convenience, performance, etc. We also highlight areas that are impacting customer experience, increasing costs, and retarding growth.


Our Dynamics 365 Commerce solution can help you track, monitor, and analyze all your data and prepare insightful reports that empower you to make well-informed, intelligent decisions about your business quickly.

Let’s Transform Your Strategies to Welcome Success

Develop amazing experiences with a customized solution for your employees and customers. Our Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation will help you provide seamless connectivity across all shopping channels.

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Listen to What Our Customers are Saying

"We found a team of Maison Consulting to be very proficient, knowledgeable and their problem-solving attitude started to a successful implementation of this project that became high stakes."

Recognized with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Dr. Amjad Saqib, Executive, Akhuwat, Lahore, Pakistan

“Implementing an ERP can be a difficult process with many associated risks. Maison’s team helped us to address the risks and positioned us for a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in a challenging environment”.

Stefan Goetz
Head of Finance & Control Middle East Linde-SIGAS

“We chose Maison Consulting as our ERP Implementation partner based on their past experience, depth of knowledge and commitment towards closure orientation”.

Debraj Bhanja,Finance Manager
Pan Gulf Valve Manufacturing.

“We’re glad to choose Maison Consulting to Implement the ERP System Microsoft Dynamics Layoff 2012. Maison performed a thorough analysis of our processes and asked for objects and delivered those as promised. Honda Center has gone through a complete restructuring process due to this ERP perpetration, which was well executed by Team Maison. This has allowed us to increase the productivity of workers, offer better client services, gain better business intelligence in real-time, and find inefficiencies in the system. I would recommend this to all commercial and SME’s, in order to identify the retired values in their businesses”

Hassan Raza- Director-
Honda Center, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

“We chose Maison after gaining confidence on their expertise to implement financial and operational control in our private aviation services.”

Abdul Wahab,
Director Support Services, Arabasco Aviation.

“Using Maison’s CRM Banking Vertical, employees can identify the bank’s most profitable customers and implement effective retention strategies such as building a better understanding of their portfolios”

Sufian Saeed – Project Manager,
Remote Banking Division, KASB Bank

“Maison amazed us with in budget, in time delivery of the solution across the whole province. Frankly I was worried about training as we are a government organization, but Maison experts not only made it simple, but their hand holding attitude was the key to success”

Dr. Javaid Ghani, Chairman,
Punjab Information Technology Board, Government of Punjab.

We found the team of Maison Consulting to be very proficient,knowledgeable and their problem solving attitude led to a successful implementation of this project that had very high stakes

Dr. Amjad Saqib – Executive Director – Akhuwat, Pakistan

“We are privileged to recommend Maison as ERP partner.We have worked with Maison throughout the entire ERP implementation process. For our company it was important not only document our process, but also improve our process, prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. During the implementation Maison Consultants conducted extensive sessions with our team to ensure we captured all of our key requirements. We are most impressed with Maison’s flexibility in adapting End Users specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us. We highly recommend Maison as a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.”

Asghar Ali – Finance Manager
Ali Zaid Qurashi Holding Company

Elevate Your Retail Strategy with Maison Consulting's Commerce Solution

At Maison Consulting, we understand the evolving business landscape. Our robust commerce solutions can propel you in the right direction. Our experts can leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 ccommerce to transform the way you manage your online retail operations.

We go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to match your unique e-commerce needs and enable you to engage with customers across various touchpoints. As your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce partner, we know how to harness the power of the platform to help you create a cohesive, integrated customer journey and build a solid foundation for growth. Unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 Commerce for your business.

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Answers to Your Questions

How can Dynamics 365 Commerce benefit my business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a comprehensive business solution. It consolidates various business operations that facilitate ecommerce, such as providing unified management of online storefronts, inventory, and customer interactions. It improves efficiency, streamlines processes, and automates tasks, fostering business growth while ensuring seamless and consistent customer experience across various channels.

Why should I consider Maison Consulting as my Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation partner?

As a certified Microsoft Solutions provider, we have extensive experience in creating dynamic business solutions for businesses across various industries. But what makes us different from others is the ability to deliver custom, scalable, and flexible solutions that cater to your business requirements at affordable rates.

What training and support do you offer for Microsoft D365 Commerce?

We provide an array of support services, such as consulting, customized solutions, employee training, implementation guidelines, troubleshooting, maintenance, and much more. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge to assist you before, throughout, and after the implementation. Moreover, we effectively address any concerns or issues you may have at any time.

How does D365 Commerce support omnichannel retailing?

Microsoft Dynamics Commerce facilitates omnichannel retailing by integrating data from various points of sales, such as online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. The unified data offers a cohesive customer journey and enhances customer experiences. Moreover, it centralizes operations and helps manage inventory, orders, and customer data in real-time.

Can Microsoft Dynamics Commerce integrate with my existing e-commerce tools?

Yes, all Microsoft Dynamics solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of platforms and third-party tools. However, the extent and ease of integration might vary depending on factors like the tools, platforms, or systems you are currently using. Contact us, and we will guide you through our experience in configuring and integrating, helping you unite this specific software into your e-commerce ecosystem.