Welcome to the Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal for D365 F&O On Premises!

Step into the future of vendor collaboration with the Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal, designed exclusively for Dynamics 365 F&O On Premises. As a leader in D365 implementation partners and Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, we introduce a revolutionary solution to streamline your procurement processes and enhance collaboration with vendors. Powered by Office 365 Project Management and Dynamics Customer Service, our portal is your gateway to efficient procurement and seamless vendor interactions.

Dynamics 365 F&O: Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal In Dubai
We solve all your vendor collaboration struggles with our exclusive Features
  • E-procurement Process Automation with Web Portal

Say goodbye to manual procurement processes with our advanced e-procurement automation. Our web portal streamlines the entire procurement lifecycle, from requisition to purchase order, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

  • Vendor Registrations

Simplify vendor onboarding with easy-to-use registration forms integrated into our portal. Capture essential vendor information and streamline the registration process for faster collaboration.

  • Commercial Registration Number Validation from WATHQ

Ensure compliance and accuracy in vendor registrations with seamless validation of commercial registration numbers from WATHQ. Minimize errors and mitigate risks associated with incorrect vendor data.

  • Vendor Certificate Management

Centralize and manage vendor certificates, including CR, NDA, VAT, ZATCA, and more, within our portal. Stay organized, compliant, and informed with easy access to essential vendor documentation.

  • Multiple Management Approvals and Email Notifications

Streamline approval workflows with support for multiple management approvals. Receive real-time email notifications at each stage of the approval process, ensuring timely decisions and efficient collaboration.

  • Purchase Order Listings and Invoices as per GRNs

Enhance transparency and accuracy in procurement transactions with purchase order listings and invoices aligned with Goods Receipt Notes (GRNs). Track orders and payments effortlessly and minimize discrepancies and delays.

  • Admin Panel for Customized Configurations

Tailor the portal to meet your organization’s unique requirements with our intuitive admin panel. Customize configurations, workflows, and security settings to align with your procurement processes and business objectives.

  • Security Protocol Implementation

Protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with robust security protocols implemented throughout the portal. Safeguard vendor information, transactions, and communications with advanced encryption and access controls.

Why Choose Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal for D365 F&O On-Premises?

Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing procurement processes and enhancing vendor collaboration within Dynamics 365 F&O On Premises. With our expertise in D365 implementation and Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, we deliver a solution that empowers your organization to achieve procurement excellence.

Contact us today to get Microsoft Customer Support and learn how the Maison Vendor Collaboration Portal can transform your procurement operations and drive efficiency and collaboration with your vendors.

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