Microsoft is set to release a new set of major updates for Dynamics 365 later this year. The excitement is always palpable around this time of the year to see what is in the store to make Dynamics 365 more efficient. Likewise, this year users and ERP enthusiasts are waiting for the new set of updates in the Business Central. However, there are reports about the features that will be auto-enabled in the Update 23.0 (Q4 2023). These reports included some very cool updates that will solve several issues faced by the users of the platform. The features that will be auto-enabled include:

  • Allowing the use of multiple posting groups for customers or vendors
  • Analysis mode, to quickly analyze data directly in Business Central
  • Allowing to create AI-powered product descriptions with Copilot
  • Enable the use of new extensible exchange rate adjustments, including posting reviews.
  • Enable the use of a new extensible invoice posting engine
  • Enable the use of Form 1096 to transmit paper tax forms to the IRS in the United States
  • Replace multiple interest rate with finance change interest rates
  • Auto-save will be enabled for every field change
  • Enable the use of service declaration (Intrasat for Services)
  • Standardized bank reconciliation and deposits

When the update is released for the users, a notification email is sent to Dynamics 365 users at the address registered in the Business Central administration center. The notification that the update is available is also visible in the Business Central administration center itself. As the new set of updates is ready to be released shortly, users can choose a time to schedule their update by using the Business Central administration center. Even after the release, the updates will take place at the time chosen by the users.