Migrate your Infrastructure & Applications to Azure

Adopt Auto-Scale & Pay-on-the-Go Capabilities with Azure IaaS platform and get simple & reliable Backup store

Implement DevOps strategies to accelerate App Development

Maison Consulting and Solutions has experienced resources that help in the deployment and implementation of DevOps Strategies. With this in use, it helps in the deployment of Apps at a fast rate.

Integrate LOB Apps & On-Premises Systems with Azure

Microsoft Azure functionalities help in the integration of Line Of Business application on-premises with the Azure Hybrid Integration. Azure Cloud and Apps on Prem can be seamlessly integrated to deal with the scale of expansion in the business.

Modernizing Legacy & Existing Applications and Migrating Infrastructure to Azure

Auto-scalable, On-demand, Pay-as-you-go driven Enterprise applications are leading today’s business world. This demands the need to migrate the Legacy LOB systems, and Existing applications & infrastructures to Cloud. We are helping Enterprises with Microsoft Azure Migration Strategies and IaaS services for a smooth transition of their businesses to Azure. We aid in capacity estimation, resource migration, fault-tolerant, recovery and redundancy planning, security, and services management, thus helping Enterprises incomplete & secure business modernization.

Micorsoft Azure - Maison Consulting

Transforming Businesses with Azure Migration and Infrastructure Services

Businesses are expanding in scale and data to handle. With data termed as the new currency, it is becoming increasingly lucrative for businesses to save the data related to the products, be it feedback, sales, production, or finance. Enterprises are now knowledgeable in how to extract actionable data from raw data. With the deployment of Azure, organizations can now rely on strengthening their legacy systems. With the backup storage, disaster recovery, and secure data access Azure (Infrastructure as a Service). With Azure organizations could now easily deploy solutions as soon as the demand arises.

Maison has been trusted by corporations belonging to various verticals and industries to manage their Azure environment. Maison helps organizations efficiently migrate their environments to Azure with no redundancies or stoppage in service. We help you in using Hybrid Azure with the best resources.

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