Professional Services

“Being a professional services and consulting firm, timely billing, view on our financials and allocating time of our senior resources was key to our success. Maison Consulting helped us achieve this.”
Pyarali Suleman, CFO, Vellani and Vellani Associates.


Professional Services companies are pushed with selling an intangible product that is difficult to evaluate and ever changing. Productivity requires that tasks are estimated properly and finished on time and that they should meet or surpass the customer’s requirements. To be successful, organizations must follow services extensively for financial, operational and resource control methods. Services companies can follow these methods with technology solution facilities that allow people to work together and make effective choices. Maison being in the same business and have helped many customers has designed processes for Service Industries, combining project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organizational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. With Maison’s practice at its center, a service organization can modernize its workplace, provide efficient client service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximize profitability—all with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid time to value.
Maison offering is an integrated collaborative technological solution that helps you manage opportunities, leads, estimation and bidding, increase productivity of your service team (Project Managers, Team Members, Site Engineer, Site Supervisor, Resource Manager, technician, etc.), gain visibility over your operations with a greater insight to your job, and project profitability as well as your resource utilization.