Process Manufacturing

“Maison management is very supportive, flexible & have domain expertise. They understood our problems & ensured our satisfaction. Their goal is always, whatever happens, the project has to be successful”
Khurram Shahzad, CFO Kohat Cement

Success in Process Manufacturing is a Complex Recipe


Process manufacturing requires careful management of several crucial components. You have to develop, perfect and maintain recipes in order to meet the demands of your clients. Each item you produce requires stringent quality controls, exact measurements and a consistent production process in order to remain competitive and compliant. And you don’t only need to manage your finished product inventory, but your raw materials as well.

Maison Has the Right Solution Formula

Maison can provide a Microsoft Dynamics AX Process manufacturing solution that can keep you on track and in control:

• Adopt Flexible Recipe/Formula Management
• Catch-weight calculations
• Packaging codes, Lots Tracking
• Reduce Production variability, maximize yields and minimize scrap
• Enhance Product Management
• Co-Products and By-Products
• Electronic Signatures
• Increase Utilization
• Track Production Costs
• Optimize Inventory
• Maintain Compliance