NGOs & Non-Profit Organization

“We found the team of Maison Consulting to be very proficient, knowledgeable and their problem-solving  attitude led to a successful implementation of this project that had very high stakes”

Dr. Amjad Saqib – Executive Director – Akhuwat, Pakistan


The reality for many non-profits is that they operate on tight budgets and with limited resources of donor funds. Heavy administrative overhead, manual or redundant tasks and complex accounting processes take up a disproportionate amount of time; time better spent on the work that really matters to your organization. Funding, grants, and budgeting are all integral parts of any non-profit management. Managing funds so that you know they are being spent appropriately, and controlling expenditures so that you have enough funds earmarked to accomplish your mission, is critical. Without large amounts of capital, you simply cannot afford to lose sight of your expenditures. Non-profit organizations have a lot of stakeholders to answer to including staff, volunteers, donors, grantees, the community, regulatory boards and more. Each of these stakeholders has a different interest in what you’re doing and how; and managing the flow of information around your constituents is critical to your ongoing success. You need to demonstrate the effective use of your donor dollars, manage events and fundraising, keep careful control of your records, and ensure you can produce the reports needed to remain compliant.

Maison’s expertise and extensive experience with different NFP companies, help track grant funds and the projects to which those funds need to be applied, help monitor expenditures, and deliver timely reports for full disclosure. With up-to-date information about successful budgeting and grant performance, you can focus your time and energy on the management and allocation of grant funding, rather than spending time tracking allocations. Maison provides nonprofit organizations with the solution needed to run a better operation. Spend more time serving your constituents, better manage budgets, allocate time and resources more effectively and improve your ability to focus on the work that really matters to your organization.