Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

“We chose Maison Consulting as our ERP Implementation partner based on their past experience, depth of knowledge and commitment towards closure orientation.”
Debraj Bhanja – Finance Manager – Pan Gulf Valve Manufacturing.


Industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers produce some of the most complex products in the world, while faced with strict environmental regulations and global competition. Yet, the prices of those products are continually eroded. Customers want specialized products, but they want them commoditized to minimize maintenance and life-cycle costs. Successful industrial manufacturers need to better anticipate customer requirements while reducing the impact of these requirements during the conceptual-design and quoting phases. Industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers are primarily midsized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that work closely with their customers and distributors. As with all equipment manufacturers, they sell standard products through distributors and customized products directly to customers in specific market segments. The majority of the companies in this industry operate as component or subassembly vendors to whole-systems manufacturers.
Maison’s experience helps create a foundation to Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for simplifying and streamlining the processes of ordering, planning, and producing customized products. This results in companies sharing data, get visibility into projects and finances, and gain the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing business requirements.
Maison Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Domain Experts guide industrial equipment and other manufacturers with the agility to shorten time-to-market, make estimating and quoting more efficient and profitable, and cut costs and inventory by optimizing production and controlling projects closely.