Holding Companies

“We are privileged to recommend Maison as ERP partner. We have worked with Maison throughout the entire ERP implementation process. For our company, it was important not only document our process, but also improve our process, prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. During the implementation, Maison Consultants conducted extensive sessions with our team to ensure we captured all of our key requirements. We are most impressed with Maison’s flexibility in adapting End Users specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us. We highly recommend Maison as a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.”
Asghar Ali – Finance Manager – Ali Zaid Qurashi Holding Company


A holding organization uses one business software system across its subsidiaries, divisions or country operations. Such a situation—wherein a company may need to employ different business systems in different places throughout its organization—occur for various good business reasons. However, to help enable the organization to function as a whole, the company must also find a way to uniform data across. Maison with its experience and having done multiple holding organizations’ successful implementation using, AX 2012 which includes 36 country localizations in a single instance deployment giving global companies an even bigger opportunity to utilize a single instance to cover their entire business. But that is not all, Maison’s tested solution design allows new possibilities to manage sharing of data through data partitioning, i.e. the possibility of dividing application data into partitions of organizations. This allows companies to decide to share application data and processes between organizations within a partition but not across partitions. It is certainly good news for you if you, as a holding company, for instance, have different lines of business within your organization. You will probably find it handy to be able to share certain data between all companies in each division but not across divisions. The possibility for centralizing the management of product information and release management suddenly becomes a real possibility, ‘out of the box’.