The Right Process By Right People

Maison delivers a successful memorial record of the Maison Approach to ensure seamless implementations from start to ending. Through extensive project work, we’ve corrected our method and determined the most dynamic way to manage a successful ERP implementation, regardless of scope or complexity. We follow a certified process because repeatability and surety are the keys to hassle-free software projects.

Anxiety of implementing Business Solutions

When it comes to ERP and CRM implementations, complexity ordinarily equals care. Maison knows that software implementations can be notably annoying. From deciding the solution and configuring it to resemble your business need, there are many variables to analyze. On top of that transitioning data, re-engineering old usages, motivating your staff to perform their new tasks, and the whole world of business management solutions, as well as change management, can seem overpowering. Hence it is known that the risk of failure is high, and CIOs recognize that regardless of the product or solution chosen, the right implementation partner is important, this is where Maison delivers a singular quality, simplicity in software implementations.

Rich Experience Matters

Having quite 180 projects with a 90%+ annual customer retention across multiple global cities and multiple language groups among various verticals, Maison not only brings decades of experience, but rich experience gained from a diversified exposure.

“Being liable for overall financial control, a posh project like ERP was fairly made simple working with Maison that has shown its commitment of highest level throughout the implementation which has resulted in successful completion of the project”.

Tahir Sadiq,

Group Finance Director, Aman Foundation

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