“We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Maison team whether it is the consultants, sales or after sales support that has been given to us. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating enduring value for customers”.
Abdul Mohiman- Project Manager– Al Farabi Medical College


Educational institutions today face daunting economic pressures and shortages of capital. Leaders are looking for ways to control costs while still providing high-quality service and preserving programs. They need to support a steady—or growing—number of students with fewer resources and staff. Integrated solutions built by Maison Consulting can help gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance, and more. As a result, Educators can use this insight to adjust business processes and to modernize legacy systems to help lower costs and improve productivity for better measurement and outcomes. This provides the flexibility of deployment choice—on-premises or in the cloud—to transform for the future.
With Maison’s expertise, Educational Institutions can significantly improve their day-to-day information management and communication with their current and prospective students, alumni, faculty members, staff, substitutes, donors, administrators, and full financial control. Maison Education Vertical helps universities, colleges, vocational training institutes and all other types of training / education institutes, confront the challenges being faced in this critical industry by offering a comprehensive solution, and scalable tools for the student’s career and the life of the educational institution. Maison provides all the business information which is required by the constituents and organization to enable sound and timely decisions making.