Discrete Manufacturing

“I am glad to say that Maison has shown its commitment of highest level throughout the implementation which has resulted in timely completion of the project with desired quality.”
Narisa Dharani, CEO, Electropolymers


Discrete manufacturing is a carefully orchestrated process of turning individual components into distinct items; either built in batches or individually – depending on the item and demand – through a variety of production types. Very few projects are the same, which limits your ability to leverage past experiences to make improvements and streamline operations. With so many products, components and timelines, effectively managing the production and delivery process to keep clients and consumers happy requires a solution that can handle the challenges of long build times and complex bills of material (BOM), while also providing strong collaboration.
Maison has deep and broad experience with make-to-stock and make-to-order clients. We understand the unique challenges that are faced by discrete manufacturers and their need to be efficient and cost effective. Maison has helped clients attain a return on investment within a short amount of time. We have deployed ERP and have provided many tailored solutions when problems required customization. The combination of industry standard and the experts at Maison create a competitive differentiation for our customers unique business needs.
Maison’s tested methodology for Discrete Manufacturing manages the entire manufacturing process, from order entry to production planning to logistics to customer service. It goes beyond basic manufacturing functionality to help discrete manufacturers increase visibility and improve business operations, drive innovation, raise margins, and achieve greater productivity.