Chemical Industry

“Maison Consulting & Solutions is more than an ERP consulting company, they have a complete understanding of our business processes and that recipe has made our project very successful”
Mustafa Monnoo- CEO Olympia Chemicals Limited.


Chemicals manufacturers must find ways to optimize distribution and create Just-in-Time inventories in a complex global supply chain. Government regulations and environmental considerations coupled with lower profit margins add more pressure to the Chemicals Manufacturing business. To stay competitive, it is essential to transition to a demand-driven manufacturing plan that includes Just-In-Time procurement is essential to stay competitive, flexible production schedules and streamlined distribution. When these three elements are in sync then the supply chain will operate at maximum efficiency.
Maison has implemented ERP solutions in chemical and process manufacturing organization by integrating information and capabilities throughout the design and manufacturing lifecycle, tested methodology for process Industries that help:

  • Maximize capacity
  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Drive continuous process improvement
  • Manage co-products and by-products
  • Meeting changing customer demands