“We chose Maison after gaining confidence on their expertise to implement financial and operational control in our private aviation services.”
Abdul Wahab, Director Support Services, Arabasco Aviation.


Aviation industry is in the enormous challenges with fuel prices increasing and competition getting more intense by the day. In the aviation industry, there is no room for compromise. Safety, reliability and quality are non-negotiable in all areas of the business. In a market characterized by three constant cost pressures – fuel, labor and maintenance – as well as high regulatory compliance, the aviation industry is looking at new ways to innovate and build efficiencies in an increasingly lean market. Automation of operations and optimization of efficiencies has become essential. Maison helps when it comes to getting your wings off the ground, by delivering vertical solutions with industry knowledge to ensure take-off. This extension makes it much easier for Flight Based Operations (FBO) and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) firms in the Aviation industry to create a comprehensive quote, track project details and quote the correct values.