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Microsoft Dynamics ERP products (G.P , Axapta) enjoy a heavy base of installation world wide with customers in manufacturing and service

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Empower every employee to boost sales, satisfaction and service with automated CRM that is easy to use, customize and maintain.

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Having ample expertise on a wide variety of Business Intelligence Software and tools, Maison will work with you to tailor BI Solution to fit your needs.

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To maintain the functionality among the partners, vendors and customers, Maison helps in building leading corporate portal technologies

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Maison Consulting is a leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solution provider with a large number of delivery centers from Pakistan, Middle East & Africa, USA and beyond. Maison provides implementation, configuration, development and integration services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP products and Microsoft CRM

Our team of spirited individuals works seamlessly together to minimize risks and business challenges. We have a team of competent ERP Professionals, having a wide exposure in diverse industries, bound together by the Maison Delivery Model which helps drive consistency and efficiency in how we deliver results for our customers.



Suppliers in the automotive industry are facing a crucial moment as they must adapt to a rapidly changing global economy while simultaneously responding to new demands and challenges from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As the challenges mount, many are discovering three unfortunate facts:
• Their aging legacy systems are simply not up to the task.
• Minor fixes and version upgrades can no longer mask their systems’ inadequacies.
• New systems from traditional ERP vendors are both expensive and difficult to adapt to the industry’s highly specialized requirements.

Aviation industry is in the enormous challenges with fuel prices increasing and competition getting more intense by the day. In the aviation industry there is no room for compromise. Safety, reliability and quality are non-negotiable in all areas of the business. In a market characterized by three constant cost pressures – fuel, labor and maintenance – as well as high regulatory compliance, the aviation industry is looking at new ways to innovate and build efficiencies in an increasingly lean market. Automation of operations and optimization of efficiencies has become essential. Maison helps when it comes to getting your wings off the ground, by delivering vertical solutions with industry knowledge to ensure take-off. This extension makes it much easier for Flight Based Operations (FBO) and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) firms in the Aviation industry to create comprehensive quote, track project details and quote the correct values.

Maison’s Banking and Collection Management Solution allows banks to better understand their customers and strengthen the customer relationship. The solution is for retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, credit unions and private bankers. It provides banks with to get a 360 degree relationship view of customers including checking/ savings accounts, transaction information, individual preferences and helps bankers strengthen the relationships with their customer base. Bank and Credit Union Management provides functionality that will help financial institutions manage customer transaction data and turn into useful marketing analytics and create help them develop broad programs that will make customers feel more connected, and enthusiastic and dedicated to their solutions and services.

Food and beverage companies face some particularly daunting challenges in managing their highly complex procurement, production, and distribution processes. Among these are complex sales channels, widely divergent packaging requirements, volatile commodity prices, and, of course, the always critical issues of extremely stringent quality and inventory management controls.
Maison can help with tracking and storage requirements for growers and distributors. This experience of Maison addresses the requirements of planners, growers, packagers and distributors, with the flexibility to respond in a timely manner to market requirements and technological changes. The production, packaging and distribution of vegetables, fruits, and consumer packaged products and beverages is a long established practice that plays a key role in the Food & Beverage supply chain.

Publishers, broadcasters and other media companies operate in a highly competitive, volatile market that has seen significant changes in the past few years. Leading organizations have merged, consolidated, and modified their revenue streams and business models to adjust to ever changing customer preferences and challenges of the new economy. Maison’s expertise for ERP in media companies enable broadcasters, publishers and advertisers to manage their resources, assets, and financials in one integrated solution. Adding industry-specific modules like program planning, license management, advertising sales, and subscriber management to the core ERP functions. The industry-specific modules plug into the ERP solutions. To add to the benefit, with a fully media ready CRM, broadcasters can streamline processes to support the ad sales process, capture audience requests and call-ins, deliver better service, and efficiently manage relationships with advertisers, audiences, content licensees, and content providers.

Medical Device manufacturing companies operate in one of the most competitive – and regulated – industries today. Like many technologies, electronics, and device manufacturing organizations, success in the Medical Device industry depends on a company’s ability to produce the highest quality products faster than the competition. Unlike other industries, however, Medical Device manufacturers must meet some of the most stringent government and customer compliance regulations regarding documentation, controlled processes, and product safety.

Consumers today are looking for a complete shopping experience. Our vision is to empower enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic by delivering that complete shopping experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS), Omni-channel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed consumer expectations, and build enduring loyalty with superior time to value.

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  • “Being responsible for overall financial control, a complex project like ERP was made fairly simple by working with Team Maison, who have shown the commitment of highest level throughout the implementation which, in turn has resulted in successful & timely completion of the project.”

    Tahir Sadiq Group Finance Director,
    Aman Foundation

  • “Using Maison’s CRM Banking Vertical, employees can identify the bank’s most profitable customers and implement effective retention strategies such as building a better understanding of their portfolios”

    Sufian Saeed
    Project Manager, Remote Banking Division, KASB Bank

  • “We chose Maison after gaining confidence on their expertise to implement financial and operational control in our private aviation services.”

    Abdul Wahab
    Director Support Services, Arabasco Aviation.


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